Eleine – All Shall Burn Review

GenreSymphonic Metal
Release Date22 November 2019
Record LabelBlack Lodge

After releasing two full-length albums, the female-fronted symphonic outfit Eleine have dropped a five-track EP: All Shall Burn. Well, actually, I should probably point out that All Shall Burn is more of a two-piece-single-plus-three-bonus-tracks rather than an EP. To clarify, the first two songs, ‘Enemies’ and ‘All Shall Burn’, are new compositions, but the rest of the EP consists of a Rammstein cover, a symphonic version of a track from the band’s previous album, and a symphonic version of ‘All Shall Burn’. So, for a release like this, the score is pretty arbitrary because it’s more of a demo/showcase than a mini album, as a lot of EPs are.

As far as the two new tunes go, they’re both good and bad in the exact same ways; the intros are strong, the riffs and solos are great, and the beats are heavy, but they lose all of their energy in the chorus due to the vocal melody. The vocals very inconsistently go from expressive to very bland so, pair that with chorus melodies that just meaninglessly float along and you get a very disappointing payoff to otherwise well-built song. The orchestrations are so good that the symphonic-version tracks sound super rich but, again, the vocals actually pull away from the fullness much of the time.

My favourite part of the EP is, to my own surprise (because I’m not a huge Rammstein fan), ‘Mein Hertz Brennt’. It’s heavy and badass, the male vocals are killer, and it’s a worthy tribute to such an established band as Rammstein.

All in all, this is a cool EP. If you’ve never heard them before, Eleine are kind of like a more metal version of Evanescence but with symphonic elements and a hint of a Mediterranean sound. So, if that sounds appealing to you, you should check out All Shall Burn as well as the band’s earlier albums.

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