Rumahoy – Time II: Party Review

GenreFolk Power Metal (Pirate Metal)
Release Date25 October 2019
Record LabelIndependent

Blowing in only a year after their debut, the self-proclaimed “Best True Scottish Pirate Metal Band in the World” Rumahoy are back with another booze-fueled party album ready to go: Time II: Party. After sailing the seas of the Wild West, Captain Yarrface and his skimask-clad crew have written ten catchy sea shanties of the most fucking ridiculous variety. Within you’ll find the expected power/folk metal combo that’s typical of pirate metal, but with a variety and dynamism that’s all but unseen in the genre.

As with any comedic metal band, like Nanowar, Alestorm, Tenacious D, or Gloryhammer, the jokes and humour are definitely important, but the true key to success is the music itself. If you take away the hilarity of the lyrics, the music should still be able to hold its own, otherwise the act gets pretty old pretty fast. Fortunately, the talented Rumahoy have fucking nailed their songwriting, so, while you’re not busy laughing your ass of at things like “Hooks out for Harambe!” and “pirate erection”, you can appreciate the musical arrangements almost as much.

As far as contrast goes, these party pirates have nailed that, too. ‘1000 Years of Dust’ brings a darker, heavier sound than the rest of the album (as you’d expect from a song about pirates kidnapped by mummies), and there’s the electropop dance tune ‘Poop Deck Party’ which features some unexpected rapping by Gloryhammer/Alestorm founder Christoper Bowes. Every track on the album commands a contagious, heroic energy, along with anthemic “yo-ho-ho”s, “oogachaga”s, or similar chantable choruses and killer grooves and riffs. Group that together with clean mixing and a tight band, and you’ve got yourself an unstoppable pirate force.

If you like your pirate metal with a heavy serving of sick riffs, ripping solos, jokes about poop, and the occasional cheesy keyboards, this album is exactly what you need. Rumahoy have effortlessly outdone all of their competition with Time II: Party. It’s fun, it’s clever, and it’s crazy good.

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