Edenbridge – Dynamind Review

GenreSymphonic Metal
Release Date25 October 2019
Record LabelSteamhammer/SPV

When any band has been crafting metal for twenty years, it’s almost a given to expect a drop in quality. Sure, the music might be just as good, but there comes a point when new ideas and youthful passion become almost impossible to see. Austria’s symphonic outfit Edenbridge has certainly seen a dip in quality in the past decade, except for the band’s solid 2017 comeback album, The Great Momentum, which did just as the title suggests and propelled the band back onto the track of inspiration.

Unfortunately, this momentum was short-lived, because their tenth and latest record, Dynamind, is more bland than any album before it. With their former power metal energy long gone, Edenbridge have continued along the path of their more reflective, easy symphonic metal flavour. There are also some folk influences throughout the album, most apparent in ‘Tauerngold’ and ‘On the Other Side’. The overall sound isn’t anything to turn your nose up at, but Dynamind does have some fatal flaws.

The foremost issue with Dynamind is its weak focal point. The vocals, commanded by Edenbridge’s Sabine Edelsbacher, are painfully one-dimensional and lead some of the laziest melodies I’ve heard from a veteran band in a long time. Additionally, as I mentioned, the sheer blandness in this album makes giving it a full listen pretty tedious. Between the songwriting, the melody, and the rest of the band playing with a relative sense of “meh”, I caught myself yawning way more than I should have every time I spun this album.

But, as its score shows, I don’t hate this album. There are parts I really like, such as most of the intros (because there are some great riffs). My favourite part of the album, however, comes in ‘Tauerngold’, which is a really well done slow tune. It definitely has its moments, but these moments aren’t enough to redeem an album’s worth of fuzzy sheep jumping over a fence.

While I wouldn’t call Dynamind a bad album, it’s a far cry from what Edenbridge are capable of. As I said before, at this point in their career, I expect an album that doesn’t live up to their prime. However, this one is a bit too far down the slope. I hope that Edenbridge come up with a better album than this before they call it quits, because it’d be a shame for such a great band to have an album like Dynamind as their farewell to metal.

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