Rexoria – Ice Breaker Review

GenreHeavy Power Metal
Release Date18 October 2019
Record LabelPride & Joy

Sweden’s female-fronted Rexoria have hardly taken a breath since their debut, with their second album, Ice Breaker, coming out just over a year since. Unfortunately, this rush might be the reason behind the album’s lack of quality; it has about as many ups as it has downs, giving it a really inconsistent overall feel. That being said, Ice Breaker does have a coherent, defining sound. It’s your usual melodic heavy metal with power metal tendencies, but with really wonky melodies and vocals.

I always hate when a capable vocalist performs as inconsistently as this. The band’s Frida Ohlin has moments, such as in ‘Var Verkilghet’, the album’s only Swedish song, where she delivers a great performance. One might draw the conclusion that she just can’t sing well in English, but, as heard in ‘Brothers of Asgaard’ and ‘Roaring’, she does that just fine, which begs the question: what the fuck? Why is she awesome and full of attitude one minute and then, well, bad the next? No matter the answer, Rexoria would be much better off with a bit of solidifying.

Another issue I have with Ice Breaker is that a lot of it is really basic. The drums, guitars, and bass all carry on fairly one-dimensionally, rarely offering anything that stands out. A lot of the songs have great intros but they quickly wane off into monotony. And then there are tracks like ‘Fight the Demons’, ‘The Rise of the Phoenix’ (except for the solo, which is great), and ‘Ice Breaker’, which are especially bad.

But that isn’t to say that there aren’t some good songs. The aforementioned ‘Roaring’, Brothers of Asgaard’, and ‘Var Verkilghet’ are pretty solid tracks overall. ‘Velvet Heroes’ also packs a decent punch, except for the vocals, so it’s not like these guys aren’t capable of making good songs. Like so many amateur bands, I think a bit more time and musical growth is what Rexoria need the most, but I’m sure we’ll get a great record from them in the future.

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