Unprocessed Release New Single

Prog newcomers Unprocessed have released the third single for their upcoming sophomore album, Artificial Void. Juxtaposing their previous singles, ‘Prototype’ is harsher, more dissonant, and less, well, jammy. Nonetheless, it’s great to see that Artificial Void will be musically rounded, as we’ve seen influences ranging from jazz to metalcore with just two songs.

01. Prototype 
02. Artificial Void 
03. Ruins 
04. Fear 
05. Abandoned 
06. House Of Waters 
07. Avatar 
08. Antler’s Decay 
09. Down The Spine 
10. Another Sky 
11. The Movements, Their Echoes 
12. Closure

Artificial Void will be released on 9 August under Long Branch Records.

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