Top Ten Metal Albums Of May

I know that saying this every month might make it lose meaning, but it was difficult to make this list. Again.

HOWEVER, that only means that metal is alive and well in 2019! We had tons of excellent prog and power metal albums to grace us this month, as well as some killer classic metal records, too. It was pretty lean on the folk metal side of things; of all the albums I heard, I would say only one or two are really worth listening to.

Carrying on to why you’re here in the first place, take a look at my Top Ten Metal Albums of May below!

As usual, you can find my full reviews of the following albums by clicking the album title in each heading.

10. TIR – Metal Shock

Surfacing from the depths of the underground for the first time in eight years, Italian classic metal legends TIR are releasing their second album, Metal Shock. Even though they formed in the 80s, the band have devoted most of their focus to live shows and building a local reputation rather than producing albums. As a result, they’re held in very high esteem in their hometown of Rome.

For me, classic metal albums are almost always either great or crap; there is no in between. Fortunately, Metal Shock instantly takes a stand among the former, with its dual guitars and colorful drumming building a solid foundation as soon as they come in. On top of that, the raspy vocals kick ass and the bass lines are clear in the mix. Using the premium fuel that the band produces, each song is energetic, catchy, and has a high degree of headbangability behind it.

TIR – Lasciateci Fare (Gates of Hell)

9. Grimgotts – Dragons of the Ages

Grimgott’s second album to date, Dragons of the Ages is by no means a genre-shattering album. Its sound is what I like to describe as “adventure metal”, because it’s an epic, nautical-themed symphonic power metal album. While it follows most of the power metal tropes fairly closely, the band have managed to make something original, super fun, and immensely uplifting. Fans of Power Quest, Twilight Force, Alestorm, and Galderia will love this album.

Grimgotts – Ancient Waters

8. Until Rain – Season V

Until Rain is a fairly seasoned (ha ha, get it?) prog band at this point, so it should come as no surprise that their fifth effort, Season V, has made it onto this list. However, with their sound totally flipped this time around, it’s worth giving even more special attention to.

Compared to their former albums, Until Rain have dialed back their heavy energy a bit and substituted much of it for a more technical, emotional, almost laid back style of prog. There are plenty of intricacies to enjoy, with the patter-drumming being my favourite, so make sure you go give this one a serious listen!

I never got around to writing a review for this one, but check out the review from my friends over at The Metal Observer here!

Until Rain – Patti (Rock of Angels)

7. Pythia – The Solace of Ancient Earth

The Solace of Ancient Earth is the first album I’ve ever heard from Pythia. And, to be honest, I didn’t expect much from it. It’s not often that an independent female-fronted symphonic metal band has anything new to offer, but Pythia is something special. Within The Solace of Ancient Earth we encounter a powerful female lead, superb orchestrations, an excellent rhythm section, and emotional, inspired power metal.

Pythia – Spirits of the Trees

6. Power Tale – The Fiery God of Marrans

There were a few huge metal opera releases this month, but none came close to the quality and impact that the Ukrainian Power Tale’s latest record delivered. This massive double-album is power metal in the vein of Eastern European power metal, being more accurately described as heavy/power metal.

The most impressive aspects of The Fiery God of Marrans are the numerous guest vocalists, who each contribute an excellent performance, and the killer guitar solos. This album has plenty to offer in it’s ninety-plus minutes, so make sure to set some time aside for it!

Power Tale – The Anger of the Marrans

5. Step in Fluid – Back in Business

Bouncing in with the funkiest fucking metal album I’ve heard in months is Step in Fluid with their latest effort, Back in Business. As the title suggests, it’s been a little while since the band have released any new material (nearly eight years, in fact). Which, let me tell you, is an incredible disservice to both fans and to them, because they are very good at the whole music-making thing. It’s a bit disappointing that the runtime on this album is so short, but the half hour we do get is excellent.

Within the album are both serious metal grooves, laid back funky grooves, and lighter synth-backing grooves. If, like me, you’re a fan of jazz and metal, this booty-shaking prog/fusion fiasco is for you.

Step in Fluid – Booty Shake (Klonoshpere)

4. Arch / Matheos – Winter Ethereal

Former and present Fates Warning members John Arch and Jim Matheos are back with their second partnered album, Winter Ethereal. It in no way sounds like a Fates Warning knockoff, instead taking a stand as one of the best prog albums of the year so far. It hits hard and heavy but contains surprisingly fluid arrangements, which makes for quite the dynamic listen. This is matured, no-frills progressive metal.

Arch / Matheos – Straight and Narrow (Metal Blade)

3. Myrath – Shehili

Shehili kicks more ass than the Sahara on a windy day. This should really come as no surprise, though, because Myrath’s albums routinely contain nothing but quality, emotion, and a tasty Arabic spice. Huge melodies continuously take the stage and are supported by a dangerously tight rhythm section. The strings and orchestrations carry epic and mysterious melodies, combining seamlessly with the coarser metal elements to make each song ring with brilliance. On top of that, the mixing is clean, balanced, and allows each of the many parts to be appreciated.

This Tunisian troupe commands a staggering amount of skill, but perhaps the most impressive is frontman Zaher Zorgati and his ludicrously proficient vocals (which can go from soaring ululatuon to a powerful belt on the drop of a dime). Pump this energy into lively arrangements, and you get a vivid, dance-inducing Eastern brand of power metal.

Myrath – No Holding Back (earMUSIC)

2. Amulet – The Inevitable War

Blasting forth with a fresh lineup, Amulet’s sophomore record is an exceptional work of classic metal. The Inevitable War takes the band to new heights and offers what is sure to be a contender for the best classic metal album of the year.

There’s really nothing to dislike. The mixing is flawless, the band is exceptionally talented, and the music simply bleeds energy. Each anthemic chorus hits with a similar impact as classic Manowar, and the galloping rhythm section chugs away with the likeness of Iron Maiden. Get your fix of the classics with this very new release.

Amulet – Burning Hammer (Dissonance)

1. Gloryhammer – Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex

Epic, cheesy, heroic. These are words I often use when describing my favourite albums, but make no mistake; I only use these words if I mean it. So, if I were to say that Gloryhammer’s third and latest album, Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex, was one of the most ridiculously epic tales of heroism that I’ve heard from a power metal, you can be damn sure it’s true.

Between the powerful cries of Angus McFife and the cosmic colours created by the rest of band, there’s no room to criticize the skill of these galactic warriors. Additionally, while the core sound is true, pure power metal, the songwriting is pleasingly dynamic. So, bust out your most enchanted headphones and get a load of this ultra-melodic cheesefest and see for yourself why this just might be the greatest power metal album of the year (or of all fucking time).

Gloryhammer – Hootsforce (Napalm)

Did your favourite May albums make the list? Leave a comment or send a message if you think revisions are in order!

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Stay Metal \m/

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