Power Tale – The Fiery God Of Marrans Review

GenreHeavy/Power Metal (Metal Opera)
RuntimeSide A – 1:00:38 / Side B – 37:02
Release Date20 May 2019
Record LabelSoundAge Productions

Ukrainian metallers Power Tale are back with a massive double album, and only a year after their last work. Featuring nineteen songs and clocking in at over an hour and a half, The Fiery God of Marrans is pretty long, so you might want to throw this one on while you’re driving or something, just so you don’t get bored trying to get through the whole thing at once. There’s nothing boring about it, but, still, it’s lengthy.

This big, beefy metal opera tells what I’m sure is an exciting story (sorry, I don’t speak Russian all that well). Assisting with this storytelling are almost a dozen vocalists (as well as an assload of session musicians) who are each featured for a song or two, not the least of which are a few female vocalists. There are tons of chanting, anthemic choruses, which, with so many vocalists to pull from, makes it really easy to kick it into overdrive and deliver an epic impact. The vocal performances are all really good, as is the rest of the band, so it’s safe to say that the album’s foundation is very sturdy.

Like many other Eastern European power metal bands, Power Tale’s brand is a bit too heavy and dark to be explicitly considered power metal. We don’t even get a taste of true power metal until the second song of the second disc, ‘Pridyot Chas’. Needless to say, I’d describe it as more of a heavy/power metal in the vein of Arteriya, Stormhammer, and (to a lesser extent) Iron Fire. The guitar tones are just fucking colossal, the bass is all juiced up, and there’s not much in the way of upbeat or uplifting feel-good tracks.

My favourite part of this album is undoubtedly the guitar soloing. If I had to pick favourites, I’d say it’s a toss up between the ones in ‘Мир на весах’ and the thirteen-minute ‘Сталь и кровь’. Aside from the insane shredding and wailing ballad solos, some cool fx are used and there’s sparing use of dual guitars, so, if you’re like me and enjoy solo variety, you’ll love these.

For such a long album, I don’t have too much more to say about it. There’s nothing bad on this album; the solos and drums are excellent and the songwriting is very well done. The Fiery God of Marrans is a solid effort with powerful highs, heartfelt lows, and a massive delivery to match the hefty runtime.

Power Tale – The Anger of the Marrans

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