Elvenking Post Riddle

This morning, fans of the widely-popular pagan folk metal band Elvenking encountered a picture riddle that was posted on the band’s social media pages. The picture, which you can see below, is a hangman game with runes as its letters.

If you want to give it a shot, you can look at the Elder Futhark key I’ve posted alongside the riddle! (Note that W and V are the same rune.)

Upon transliterating the runes into English, we’re left with this:
_ _ A _ _ _ – – – O F – – – T H _ – – – _ U _ _ S – – – _ I V I _ A T I O _”

Along with the picture, here’s what Elvenking had to say:
Dear Elvenlegions, as you may already have noticed… a new chapter is about to begin. We want to share some first magickal details with you about what’s to come and invite you to have a closer look to the profile pictures we are posting. We have hidden – and in the next days we will keep on hiding – something that may not be recognized at first sight. And that will be the key to unveil the secret of this riddle. That is when you’ll be able to read the lines that no one reads, and the runes will speak a clear language. Keep on following us, and everything shall be revealed…

What could this mean? Well, it’s likely the title to their upcoming album, which was announced to release near September a while ago. Additionally, Elvenking have confirmed that the recording for this album has all been finished, and they’ve also changed their profile pictures, which might include further clues:

As far as that riddle goes, my guess is that the new album title will be “Shapes of the Runes Divination“. It doesn’t really roll off the tongue and I’m not certain about “Shapes”, but that’s my guess nonetheless.

With the band acting as cryptically as ever, maybe I’m completely wrong and we’ll be blindsided with something different. What do you think?

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