Deep Sun – Das Erbe der Welt Review

GenreSymphonic Metal [Electronic]
Release Date26 Apr 2019
Record LabelMassacre

Breaking out of the indie pool after signing onto Massacre Records, Deep Sun have unveiled their sophomore album. Das Erbe der Welt manages to not fall entirely into the typical female-fronted melodic/symphonic sound that you’d find in bands like Delain, Within Temptation, and most other gothic bands by keeping the degree of power metal high enough that the music isn’t overtaken by the operatic vocals. The clean, balanced mixing allows every bandmate to be heard and the use of electronic sounds, while plentiful, are done very well and only add to the depth and technological theme of the album.

To further complement Das Erbe der Welt‘s futuristic concept, the songs vary greatly and advance in different directions all the time. The fifteen-minute track ‘The Raven’ begins with a dark, foreboding atmosphere, and expands into serious aggression and even jazzy grooves. And then there are tracks like ‘Super New World’ and ‘Abandon Cyberspace’ that have an epic, driving feel. Even the obligatory ballad ‘Das Erbe der Welt’ is a dramatic journey. There’s really no shortage of variety here so the entire album is very exciting to listen to.

As usual in bands like this, the rhythm section is fucking awesome. It hits hard and never fails to bring the best it possibly can to the music, whether it’s with heavy shots or solid grooves. Additionally, the balance with the keys is at a perfect point, allowing every part to ring through without interruption. Unfortunately, the guitar solos are fairly underwhelming, but they’re still decent. Finally, since we just covered the rest of the instruments, I’d damn well better mention Debora Lavagnolo’s vocal performance. She’s got quite the pipes, even for a genre that excels in strong female singers. She hits soft lows, powerful highs (especially in that last belt before the solo section in ‘Abandon Cyberspace’ (and also the soaring yells in the album’s closing)), and she carries the melodies with grace.

This is a bit of a step away from their debut album, but Deep Sun has something special in Das Erbe der Welt. They command a persistent energy throughout the entire album and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not listening to it.

Deep Sun – Worship the Warship (Massacre)

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