Essence Of Datum Sign New Record Deal

Prog duo Essence of Datum, who hail from Belarus, have signed a new record deal with Season of Mist in time for their next record, Spellcrying Machine, which is set for release on 14 May.

Spellcrying Machine Artwork and Tracklist:

01. Synthetic Soul Extractor
02. Shikari Algorithm
03. Pendulum
04. Spellcryer
05. Vitality
06. Binar
07. Cavum Atrum

Essence of Datum was formed by guitarist Dmitry Romanovsky in 2011. Not long after, the band’s second and only other permanent member, Pavel Vilchytsky. Their debut album, Event Horizon, was released in 2013, and their second followed in 2017.

Spellcrying Machine will be another surrealist take on instrumental prog, like its predecessors, and the band promises that it will be “the apex of [their] years long work”.

Take a look at the video below to get a good feel for Essence of Datum!

Essence of Datum – Animal

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Stay Metal \m/


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