Chaos Magic Conjure New Album

International symphonic metal project Chaos Magic have joined together once again to bring forth a new album, Furyborn, which is sure to be an entirely new experience from their debut. Stratovarius’ Timo Tolkki, the original founder of the group, is absent this time around, leaving Chilean vocal vixen Catarina Nix at the helm. She, together with Nasson (ex Inferis vocalist) and Franco Lama (The Shrink), has been allowed more musical freedom and promises that Furyborn will be a truly diverse record.

Catarina on the album’s sound:
“I wanted to mix different styles and also seek a sound of my own and I think that is well achieved in Furyborn. It’s a mixture of heavy, melodic, symphonic, and alternative metal, with traces of modern progressive and electronic elements, unique arrangements and a bit of a nostalgic feel associated to certain sounds from the ’90s and early ’00s. It has moments of rage, power, and sick darkness, but also vulnerable, sensual, and sometimes playful points. Furyborn is harder to label compared to the previous Chaos Magic album since on the new album the guitars are a more prominent ingredient that gives tremendous richness to the sound. In summary, Furyborn is a rollercoaster ride that flows through assorted intense styles with uncommon arrangements but with very catchy melodies.” 

Chaos Magic – Like Never Before (Frontiers)

Along with the album announcement, Chaos Magic have revealed their first single, ‘Like Never Before’, to give a taste of what’s to come!

Furyborn is set to release on 14 June via Frontiers Records. Preorder it here!

1. You Will Breathe Again
2.Furyborn (feat. Tom Englund)
3.Like Never Before
4.Beware Of Silent Waters (feat. Mystheria)
5.Falling Again (feat. Nasson)
6.Bravely Beautiful (feat. Ailyn Gimenez)
7.Throw Me To The Wolves
8.I’d Give It All
9.Path Of The Brave (feat. Ronnie Romero)
10.My Affliction
11.I’m Your Cancer

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