News This Week (March Week 2)

I’m a little late with this one (as it’s already Monday. Jesus, I’m not on the ball this week.) but I’m not about to leave a week’s worth of information out! There wasn’t too much in the way of worthwhile releases, especially compared to last week, but I did find a handful or so of gems. So, as usual, here’re the updates for the week!


Suncrown – Come Alive

It’s been four years since international symphonic outfit Suncrown released its last single (and five years since their last album). They’ve sure come back with their strongest foot forward, though, because ‘Come Alive’ is killer! The choirs are prominent throughout, and the guitars retain a steady energy throughout.

Suncrown – Come Alive

Delfinia – Without You

Delfinia just released their latest album, Deep Elevation, in January of this year, but they’re already hard at work! This week gave rise to a new single and features guitarist Stas Red, who also performed on a few of the tracks in Deep Elevation.

The song is a commentary on the captivity of dolphins. Which, quite honestly, is a heavy and worthy topic of a song, but ‘Without You’ fails to deliver an accurate impact. That being said, this track isn’t too bad.

Delfinia – Without You (Moon)

Black Sweet – We Are One

Japanese classic metal outfit Black Sweet have released ‘We Are One’: the first single since their debut album, Time to Depart, in 2017. It’s a pretty standard tune as far as heavy metal goes, but it’s still worth checking out for that sick fucking guitar solo.

Black Sweet – We Are One (Push Out)


Iron Savior – Kill or Get Killed

Since their inception in the mid-90s, Iron Savior have been an iconic name in German power metal. With more than twenty years behind them and a new record about every two years, these guys are still going as strong as ever.

Kill or Get Killed is business as usual: cranked bass, hooky hooks, and gloriously-heavy guitars. With a method and style that have remained all but unchanged for almost their entire career, Iron Savior are great at doing what they know and executing it masterfully. The rhythm section is about as beefed up as Ronnie Coleman in his heyday (but has aged way fucking better) and the choruses retain their familiar, catchy melodies.

Check out my full review here!

Iron Savior – Kill or Get Killed (AFM)

Haeredium – Ascension

As the French outfit’s second LP, Ascension is an interesting take on folk metal. Among its light, chanting chanting choruses are interesting piano grooves and colourful instrumentals.

The album as a whole is pretty laid back for a metal group. The choruses aren’t really highlighted with any sort of inflection, vocal or otherwise, which gives it a fairly one-dimensional feel. Other than the lack of oomph, this album is still worth checking out!

Haeredium – Ascension (Art Gates)

Twisted Tower Dire – Wars in the Unknown

American power veterans Twisted Tower Dire’s have come back with a vengeance. As their first record in eight years, Wars in the Unknown features the same thunderous choruses and dual guitar riffs that we’ve come to expect of them.

These guys are one of the few still doing the classic 90s style of power metal well. With not a single bad record under their name, Twisted Tower Dire has proven once again that classic metal is alive, well, and in good hands.

Twisted Tower Dire – Light the Swords on Fire (No Remorse)


As usual, here’s the new Sabaton History!

Sabaton HIstory 006 – Talvisota

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