Top Seven Pump Up Albums

My favourite kind of metal is the blood-boiling, heart-burning, testosterone-fueling power metal that makes you want to ride into battle on a majestic, translucent steed into the Mists of Avalon. I listen to it when I’m working out, when I’m getting ready for something, when I’m doing nothing, when I’m driving, and pretty much everything in between. Taking that into consideration, this is also close to my list of favourite albums of all time.

Honestly, I could have chosen most of the discography from the following bands, but I managed to pick a winner from each. Anyway, without further ado, here are the best ball-busting albums known to the world of power metal.

Sabaton – Heroes

Sabaton is by far the most obvious choice, and Heroes has exactly what you need when you’re looking for a kick in the ass to kick some ass. With the exception of ‘The Ballad Of Bull’ (which is a pretty weak song altogether), it’s epic, thumping heroism for your soul.

Sabaton – Far From The Fame (Nuclear Blast)

Brothers of Metal – Prophecy of Ragnarök

Brothers of Metal took the metal world by storm upon their arrival in 2017 with their almost-comically badass tunes. Its lyrics of Norse mythology and battles are perfect for getting your blood going, and the bass is cranked so fucking high on this record that you’ll feel its banging war drums in the soles of your feet.

Brother of Metal – Yggdrasil (AFM)

Powerwolf – The Sacrament of Sin

Powerwolf is certainly a veteran in the area of fast paced, chugging, heathen power metal. Attila Dorn’s vocals are enough on their own to get the job done, but, fortunately, the rest of the band doesn’t hurt the cause.

On a side note, I’ve always found the soloing in Powerwolf to be consistently underwhelming, but I also find myself not minding that fact one bit.

Powerwolf – Fire & Forgive (Napalm)

Firwewind – Immortals

What else could be as motivational as some high quality Spartan-themed power metal with ridiculously awesome guitar solos? Firewind can always be counted on to deliver serious heat, and Immortals takes the music through the gates and into something even more intense.

Firewind – Ode To Leonidas (Century Media)

Battle Beast – Battle Beast

All-out cheesy songs about machines destroying mankind with a tinge of 80s spice? Sign me the fuck up. If this album doesn’t do anything for you, then I’m convinced that you’re unmotivateable. ‘Out of Control’ and ‘Let It Roar’ start the record off with a bang, and, aside from a few misses (like ‘Over the Top’ and ‘Black Ninja’, which are crap), it’s sure to get you ready for the machine uprising.

Battle Beast – Out Of Control (Nuclear Blast)

Hulkoff – Kven

To me, Hulkoff is the same flavour of metal as Sabaton, but a little less likeable. The thrashing Kven is Pär Hulkoffgarden’s first solo record and it throws some massive punches. It’s dense, heavy, and rugged.

Hulkoff – Dragonrider (Faravid)

Beast In Black – From Hell With Love

The newest (and my favourite) album to make the list is Beast In Black’s latest. As a child who grew up with 80s action movies (although it was twenty years after the fact), this album is a godsend; it takes all of the catchy, cheesy goodness of 80s pump up songs from the likes of Rocky and combines it with the heavy energy of power metal, sticking a clean, pristine bow on top of the mixing.

Beast In Black – From Hell With Love (Nuclear Blast)

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Stay Metal \m/

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