Secret Rule – The 7 Endless Review

Release Date25 Jan 2019
Record LabelPride & Joy

Italian melodic metal group Secret Rule released their latest album The 7 Endless late last month. Their melodic symphonic style contains a heavily electronic sound, similar to The Dark Element (a project featuring Anette Olzon after she parted ways with Nightwish) or Beyond the Black. Despite the similar sound, however, Secret Rule is way fucking better.

The band has had a very successful early career, being founded in 2014 and already having released four albums. They’ve done headline tours all over Europe, and they’ve performed with many big names during their live shows, such as Aylin (ex-Sirenia vocalist), Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation guitarist ), and Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica keyboardist).

The mixing in The 7 Endless, like the rest of their discography, is clean and clear (and under control, too), with Angela Di Vincenzo’s crisp vocals following suit. She sometimes sounds like Gwen Stefani if she decided to whine less and sing more.

There isn’t a whole lot that sticks out; the musicians are pretty cohesive. The guitar solos are, for the most part, pretty basic, but good nonetheless. The vocals are strong. The rhythm section has the similar shots and syncopated groves of a metalcore band and add a huge level of depth underneath the fairly standard melodies.

The high point of this album is definitely Nicola “Nyk” Corrente’s colourful drumming. No song has less than three different groves, and each transition is masterfully pulled off. He plays the lows tastefully and the highs heavily, where his double-kicking power unleashes serious fury.

The album as a whole contains a lot of variety, with tracks like ‘Delirium’ and ‘The Awakening’ being light and easy, ‘Destruction’ and ‘Desperation’ (which probably has the best solo on the album, by the way) having a more heavy and upbeat feel, and the rest of the songs spanning the entire spectrum between. Every intro has something different to offer and each song is dynamic in its own, unique way.

The 7 Endless has once again proven Secret Rule’s metal prowess and has managed to integrate electronic elements into metal very well. As their fourth album in five years, it’s safe to say that they are still going strong and we can probably expect a fifth album in a couple years.

(Also, did you notice that there are seven songs with a D word and the album is called The 7 Endless? Does this mean anything? Who knows? And, most importantly, who cares? You? Probably not.)

Secret Rule – Destruction (Pride & Joy Records)

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