Welcome to PowerThorn!

PowerThorn is your source for news, reviews, and recommendations for the power metal, heavy metal, and folk metal of the twenty-first century.

Contrary to popular belief, new metal bands pop up every month. Additionally, some of these bands are actually really good (as if)!

Unfortunately, it seems like too many metal sites get stuck either posting about the same thrash and death metal bands or talking about nothing but the classics. Don’t get me wrong; the classics, especially Iron Maiden and Ozzy, are what got me into metal in the first place. Yes, we all know they paved the way for metal today. Yes, we all know they’re great. Yes, we all know that they actually aren’t great, but legendary.

However, I will very rarely post about them, because that’s been done for the past fifty years. I’ll also leave the extreme metal to the other guys, because that’s just not what I’m into.

Most everything posted on PowerThorn will be about power metal, folk metal, or heavy metal. Foremost, I’ll keep the content current. I’ll try my best to include content from newer, lesser-known bands. I’ll also do a fair bit of posting about the popular ones.

So, come check out the site. Don’t forget to come back for frequent posts. Also, go like the Facebook page!

Stay Metal \m/

Want to request a review or recommend some new material? Leave a comment or contact the Facebook page!

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